How to: Become a Morning Exerciser

It would be great if we all woke up feeling motivated, bursting with energy and so ready to beat up our bodies… But that isn’t quite the case with most of us. Do you prefer working out in the morning, before the craziness of the day begins, but struggle to get out of bed? Are you constantly procrastinating starting that exercise regime you had on your New Year’s list? This one’s for you!

1. Set two alarms

The first one should give you a 15-minute ‘warning’ to get out of bed (and extra sleep time, yaaay), while at the sound of the second, you should start moving it! Remember to keep your alarm as far away from your bed as possible, so you have to get up to turn it off!

2. Pack a gym bag the night before

This way, you’re ready and out the door in 10 minutes.

3. Have a delicious breakfast waiting for you

Make yourself breakfast the night before. That way you have some more motivation to get out of bed!

4. Turn the lights on

Be like Beyoncé at the beginning of “Sweet Dreams” and turn the lights on! You’re not likely to want to go back to sleep with natural light streaming in or a bright bulb in your face.

5. Make a habit of it

Consistency is key with exercise! Always think, What will I gain from staying awake instead of hiding under the duvet?

6. Get a good playlist ready

It will get you excited for the morning run!

7. Wear red

We know it’s a weird one, but wearing red is known to increase the feeling of excitement, energy levels, and circulation. It’ll get your blood pumping!

8. Splash yourself

Once you get your feet on the floor, head to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water. It’s the best way to wake you up!

9. Schedule a nice lunch

It could be with a friend at a lovely restaurant, or by yourself in a tiny little café; either way, you’ll be motivated by the reward of a delicious lunch!

10. Think about the way you’ll feel afterward

Do you know the feeling of completing one successful hour on the treadmill? Or burning hundreds of calories? Yup, it’s one of the best!

11. Take your dog along

Not only are they great workout companions (they don’t talk too much), they’ll get a bit of exercise in as well!

12. Visualize the workout

Sound weird? Before you fall asleep, envision it and yourself enjoying it!

13. Keep to your workout appointment

Give it the same respect you give a doctor’s appointment or work schedule.

14. Try a group workout

It’ll be harder for you to get out of it, plus it’ll be fun!

15. Sleep in your workout clothes

You’ll get out the door faster!

16. Invest in a wake-up light

This is a light that comes on when your alarm goes off! It’s less tempting to snooze.
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