Apps and Naps: 20 Apps For Natural Hair

Erasing the negative associations with the word “nappy” and embracing the term to describe strong beautiful and lively natural coils, we have curated a list of apps that support women with “naps” called Apps and Naps. And here is why.

There has been a continual boom with the number of women who are embracing their natural hair and platforms looking to support and represent them.


Technology has been following suit with phone apps geared at helping the natural hair enthusiast to learn how to grow, maintain and treat their tresses. The fusion of natural hair and technology over the last few months has been amazing and a blessing for women worldwide. Phone apps aimed at helping ladies with the wonders of natural hair have been successful due to easy accessibility via fingertips. These apps have created strong communities and have served as platforms to help naturalistas. Here are 20 natural hair apps you might want to check out to stay current with the whats and hows of natural hair, as well as stay afloat of your hair goals.

1. Bantu: Apps For Natural Hair

Are you in need of a good hairdresser or looking for something new to try? The Bantu app is for you. This app creates a platform to help you find someone in your area to help you create your magical look, whether it be a braid, twist, weave or style your natural hair.

2. StyleSeat: Apps For Natural Hair

Looking for a hairstylist near you? The StyleSeat app is your source to help you find and book top natural hair professionals for free, based on service, location, recommendations and more. You are also able to look through hairstyles to help you come up with your preferred look for your occasion.

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3. Carol’s Daughter:Apps For Natural Hair

A leader in the natural hair business for many years, with this app, you can get tips and tricks to apply while using their winning products.

4. Myavana: Apps For Natural Hair

This app helps to pull and form communities, by allowing users to share forums to help discuss hair care as share beauty tips and post pictures for inspiration. What’s neat about this app is that you can also view the work of local hairstylists in your area to get an idea of what talent is near you.

5. Naturel: Apps For Natural Hair

Naturel is an easy way to explore natural hair photos posted by natural hair enthusiasts on Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

6. Beauty Hair: Apps For Natural Hair

This blog-style app is designed to support women with natural hair or those who are thinking of making the transition. The app is special in that it includes video tutorials and testimonials regarding styling hair, natural hair tips, and advice on what products to use.

7. Kids Hairstyle and Braids 2017: Apps For Natural Hair

Here is an app for your mini-me filled with pictures and ideas for your little princesses. This app is full of various hairstyles and demos on how to take care of little girls’ hair.

8. CastBeauty:Apps For Natural Hair

This app combines the power of hair products with the work of Mother Nature. Based on the weather forecast in your area, this app helps you by telling you which products to use to help keep your mane sane.

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9. DryBar: Apps For Natural Hair

Whether you’re on the go or need to schedule for an upcoming event, use the Drybar to make an appointment for a wash, blow out and style, and the app will help you find a location near you.

10. TresseNoire: Apps For Natural Hair

For those that don’t have time to get to the salon, this app helps bring the salon to you. This app delivers willing to travel hairstylists to where you are. Kick back your feet and click.

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